The sun is setting in Cardiff…

The sun is setting in Cardiff… 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

…. and most of us go home after a day at work.That is when our LINSINGER rail milling train is reporting for duty to extend rail life – just to make sure that your next train trip will be a smooth and safe one.

🏆 Apprentice of the year 🏆

🏆 Apprentice of the year 🏆 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

It was very difficult to make a decision this year, so we decided to award three of our apprentices. All three of them have an excellent school record and on top of it exceptional work ethics. We are extremely proud of you and your fellow apprentices. Keep on pushing. There are no limits for you…

Linsinger e-car fleet

Linsinger e-car fleet 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

The generated power from our photovoltaic system is not only going into our office buildings… … but also into our on-site charging stations for electric cars. Our e-car fleet runs on this green, renewable energy. Pretty cool and environmentally friendly too. Don’t you think?

Mission completed

Mission completed 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

The world’s largest inclined bed circular saw KSS 3000 got the stamp of approval by our customer today. With a diameter of 3 000 mm, it is the largest circular saw in the world and its efficiency replaces 8 band saws. It usually takes several hours to cut through a steel billet – with the…

Green energy

Green energy 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Our photovoltaic system plays a vital role in our climate protection program as it is supplying us with green energy. The system is located on our company’s rooftop with a capacity of 400 kWPeak. About 85% of our produced energy is used within the company and the rest is fed in the public network. If…

MG11 L

MG11 L 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

The first MG11 L is leaving our factory and heading to Asia. A newly integrated measuring system was added to the 36.5 tons machine as a further development of the world’s smallest rail milling train, the MG11. Instead of the manual check the measuring system automatically records the results of the milling process. The snow…


Congratulations 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Here is to our apprentices, who achieved reports with distinction. Carry on the hard work. We are super proud of you.

Happy St. Nicholas Day

Happy St. Nicholas Day 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Mögen Eure Nikolausstiefel heute mit Liebe, Glück und guter Gesundheit gefüllt sein. Wir wünschen Euch einen schönen Nikolaustag.

LINSINGER is green and the future much greener

LINSINGER is green and the future much greener 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

We are doing a few things to preserve the planet, one of them is planting trees. We have almost 400 trees on our premises. The oldest ones are about 100 years old and the youngest were just planted half a year ago. To top things off, we hung about 40 bird houses to offer them…

Rail Live

Rail Live 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Are you interested in high-performance rail milling? Then come and visit us at Rail Live in Madrid: Booth 101 Between 30th of November and 1st of December We are looking forward to welcoming you at our stand. ¿Tiene interés em re-perfilado de raíles de alto desempeño? Venga a visitarnos en Rail Live Madrid Stand 101…