Rail Technology


All railway tracks are subjected to constant wear. In order to extend traffic safety and rail service life, and to lower operating costs, rail profiles have to be regularly maintenanced.

In order to keep this process and the operational malfunctions as low-key as possible, LINSINGER has developed mobile rail milling machines that enable fast rail head reprofiling and minimise traffic discruption. All LINSINGER rail milling machines are individually suitable for use on mainline railways, suburban trains, underground trains, trams and private railways as well as for line rails, switches, road crossings and tunnels.

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For main line tracks and switches

Decarboniced layer

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Noise reduction in sensitive areas

Gauge correction

Processing of high speed lines

Removal of rail head failures in rail transverse and longitudinal profile

Improvement of running behavior and wear reduction

Rail profile modification

Rail profile change


Finished processing in only one traversing step

Individual material removal from 0.1 to 5 mm

Environmentally-friendly procedure, no pollution through chips and grinding dust

No flying sparks – no risk of fire

Can be used in sensitive areas

Dry processing, no water required

No removal of track switching equipment required

Can be used all year round

High processing precision

Processing gentle on materials

Chips can be reused as raw materials

Innovativ. Customer Specific. Modern.


Rail Head Processing by circumferential milling with combined circumferential grinding.



Rail Technology


Rail Technology

The Technology

Mobile Solutions: The Linsinger Fleet

  • Rail Milling Train MG31
  • Rail Milling Train SF06-FFS Plus
  • Rail Milling Train SF03-FFS
  • Rail Milling Train SF02T-FS
  • Rail-Road-Truck SF02-FS
  • Rail Milling Train MG11

Stationary Solutions

  • Rail Sawing and Drilling machine LSB
  • Rail Welding And Repair Mills
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