• 26. May 2023

We will soon be at WRI 2023!

We will soon be at WRI 2023!

We will soon be at WRI 2023! 1024 722 Linsinger Maschinenbau

The SF06 model is one of the largest rail milling trains made by Linsinger and the first to be delivered to India.

The rail milling train was specially developed to meet the requirements of the Indian Railways. In order to guarantee its functionality at high temperatures, the entire technology was tested for sufficient load capacity – smooth operation is guaranteed. Furthermore, the machine was designed for the Indian broad gauge – it is the largest gauge worldwide. Every year, the Indian Railways transport more than 8 billion passengers and more than 1 billion tons of freight. Whereas up to now only grinding machines were used, the company now relies on rail milling technology from Linsinger.

The clear advantages can be seen in terms of adjustable metal removal volumes, high-precision transverse and longitudinal target profiles, and outstanding surface quality.
The rail milling train has been in operation at Indian Railways since July 2023.