Rail-Road-Truck SF02-FS

PRODUCTIVE HIGH-PERFORMANCE. The rail-road truck is a multi-talent amongst rail milling machines.

An ingenious hybrid design permits easy transfer of the machine from and onto the track. Ideal for small construction lots, as well as for underground, subway and tram railway networks.


High flexibility, maximum mobility

Moves and works on rail – moves on road

No rail traffic occupancy

Transfer trips on road and rail

Simple rerailing

No dismantling of electrical track equipment

Short set up times

Machine integrated measuring system


Plain turnout processing of both tracks and turnouts (switches)

New rail profiling

Preventative maintenance and repairs

Gauge correction

Removal of rail head defects in the transverse and longitudinal profiles

Improvement of running smoothness and wear minimization

Noise reduction in sensitive areas

High-speed refurbishment

Ideal for small construction lots, underground, subway and tram railway networks.

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