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We will soon be at SIFER 550 357 Linsinger Maschinenbau

We will soon be at SIFER

We will soon be at SIFER, the 13th International Railway Technology Exhibition in Lille. There you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and technologies in the…

The last rail milling train in 2022 leaves the company premises… 1024 768 Linsinger Maschinenbau

The last rail milling train in 2022 leaves the company premises…

.. and is delivered to Asia. The new year is not yet two weeks old and an SF06 train is already on its way. Three escort vehicles accompany the heavy…

NRC Conference 2023 550 357 Linsinger Maschinenbau

NRC Conference 2023

Are you around Florida this week and want to check out the latest innovations in rail milling technologies? Then come and visit us at the NRC Conference 2023 and NRC-REMSA…

Season’s Greetings! 550 357 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Season’s Greetings!

We wish you a peaceful time and happy holidays. Stay healthy and start the new year with confidence! Your LIN-Team!

What was once a mere vision is now reality 550 357 Linsinger Maschinenbau

What was once a mere vision is now reality

With the LINvision helmet, LINSINGER has created a tool that enables audio-visual support and guidance from the LINSINGER Service Team in real-time interaction.   Isn’t it awesome? In case of interruptions or…

AMB in Stuttgart 550 357 Linsinger Maschinenbau

AMB in Stuttgart

It is our second day at the AMB in Stuttgart. Until Saturday, you can still have all your questions answered by our experts. 🙃 Swing by our booth 8E18 and…

Precision & reliability 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Precision & reliability

Precision and reliability are two major assets why our customer in Asia already ordered several LINSINGER rail milling trains for metro and light rails. 🎯🚊 For the past couple of…

KSS3000 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau


Our KSS3000 is on the move. 🚢 We can already tell you, something big is coming. 😎 So stay tuned for more. 👀

The roof is off! 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

The roof is off!

Our sales department has been temporarily relocated for some weeks already.. but as you can see, we are getting now in the hot phase.We are making more space for new…

Ireland – míle buíochas 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Ireland – míle buíochas

It was a huge pleasure to be joining the Irish Railways Track Days this week with our partner LINMAG. #LINMAG – your service provider with sophisticated LINSINGER high performance rail…

Rail Live UK 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Rail Live UK

What an exhibition in Warwickshire – featuring our beauty SF06. 🤩 Thank you Rail Live – we had a great time. 😎 We cannot wait to see you all again…

Tube: Day 4 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Tube: Day 4

Day 4 at the Tube in Düsseldorf and our customers keep us busy and so far, it has been a great turnout. Don’t miss out to check out our carbide…

Tube Düsseldorf 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Tube Düsseldorf

Yesterday, the Tube in Düsseldorf opened its doors and here are already some great impressions. Check out our carbide circular saw #RAPTOR or find out more about our high-performance edge milling technology.…

And that’s a wrap! 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

And that’s a wrap!

Thank you iaf Münster. It was an exceptional show once again. We will see you next time.

Day 3 @iaf in Münster… 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Day 3 @iaf in Münster…

.. and it is all about our Greta! That’s what we named our first hydrogen powered rail milling train – the MG11 Hydrogen. There is clearly a lot of interest…

Day 2 @iaf in Münster 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Day 2 @iaf in Münster

…. and the #LINteam is going strong. It is great to be back at the show and chat to our customers face to face. Tomorrow you still have the chance to visit…

We are @iaf 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

We are @iaf

Here are some impressions of our first day @iaf in Münster.It has been great so far. Don’t miss out to chat to us and have a look at the world’s…

Ready for shipment 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Ready for shipment

The in-house testing was successfully completed and our Rail Road Truck left the factory premises. The most flexible rail milling machine will be shipped to South-East Asia and we can’t…

IAF 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau


20 days to go until IAF 🙌 ➡️ 31st May till 2nd of June in Münster➡️ Visit us at the outdoor area F-500 or at the track B-410 We are…

SF02-Truck 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau


Our only two-way machine, the SF02-Truck, is the most flexible rail milling train in the world. 🌏 It is applicable on road and rail – consequently the transfer and rerailing…

47th “Modern Rail Vehicles” conference 1024 698 Linsinger Maschinenbau

47th “Modern Rail Vehicles” conference

We couldn’t miss out on the 47th “Modern Rail Vehicles” conference in Graz/Austria – especially since we are the only company who has a hydrogen powered rail milling train in…

26th rail milling machine in Asia 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

26th rail milling machine in Asia

Another high-performance rail milling machine has arrived at our customer in Asia. 🌏 This is already the 26th mobile machine that ensures safer tracks in the Asian region. 🤗

Excellent apprentices 1024 698 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Excellent apprentices

We are proud of our apprentices and congratulate you on your school reports with distinction. 🥳 Do you want to become a part of our #LINteam as well, then get in touch…

Happy 1st Birthday, Linsinger China 🥳🎁🥂 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Happy 1st Birthday, Linsinger China 🥳🎁🥂

Exactly one year ago our subsidiary Linsinger China Trading and Service Co., Ltd. was opened in #Taicang. With this new branch close to Shanghai, we are able to react even quicker…

Our rail milling train SF06 in Wales 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Our rail milling train SF06 in Wales

Our rail milling train SF06 was caught in action, maintaining the tracks of a railway tunnel in Wales. 📸 Neither milling chips nor grinding dust remain on the track. And…

Happy Australia Day 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day to all our Aussie friends 🦘🌏 Our affiliate company Linmag is looking forward to attending AusRAIL PLUS to finally see you all in person again ➡ at…

Delivery Day 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Delivery Day

Goodbyes are never easy, as we see our machines grow day by day. However, we are also proud on delivery days, knowing that our hard work paid off. Have a…

The sun is setting in Cardiff… 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

The sun is setting in Cardiff…

…. and most of us go home after a day at work.That is when our LINSINGER rail milling train is reporting for duty to extend rail life – just to…

🏆 Apprentice of the year 🏆 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

🏆 Apprentice of the year 🏆

It was very difficult to make a decision this year, so we decided to award three of our apprentices. All three of them have an excellent school record and on…

Linsinger e-car fleet 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Linsinger e-car fleet

The generated power from our photovoltaic system is not only going into our office buildings… … but also into our on-site charging stations for electric cars. Our e-car fleet runs…

Green energy 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Green energy

Our photovoltaic system plays a vital role in our climate protection program as it is supplying us with green energy. The system is located on our company’s rooftop with a…

MG11 L 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

MG11 L

The first MG11 L is leaving our factory and heading to Asia. A newly integrated measuring system was added to the 36.5 tons machine as a further development of the…

Congratulations 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau


Here is to our apprentices, who achieved reports with distinction.Carry on the hard work. We are super proud of you.

Happy St. Nicholas Day 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Happy St. Nicholas Day

Mögen Eure Nikolausstiefel heute mit Liebe, Glück und guter Gesundheit gefüllt sein. Wir wünschen Euch einen schönen Nikolaustag.

LINSINGER is green and the future much greener 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

LINSINGER is green and the future much greener

We are doing a few things to preserve the planet, one of them is planting trees. We have almost 400 trees on our premises. The oldest ones are about 100…

Rail Live 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Rail Live

Are you interested in high-performance rail milling? Then come and visit us at Rail Live in Madrid: Booth 101 Between 30th of November and 1st of December We are looking…

Eurasia Rail 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Eurasia Rail

Eurasia Rail, the region’s most important rail exhibition of the year, is still taking place until tomorrow. This event is a great platform to network and we already had a…

Happy Thanksgiving 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Happy Thanksgiving

Let your hearts be full of both, thanks and giving. We wish our American customers and colleagues a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

Eurasia Rail in Istanbul 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Eurasia Rail in Istanbul

Linsinger will be at Eurasia Rail in Istanbul. Come and visit us at Booth B171 Between 25th – 27th of November We are looking forward to chatting to you about…

Chiba is the next place to be 733 500 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Chiba is the next place to be

We will be at Mass Trans in Japan. Come and visit us at Booth B-02, Hall 5 Between 24th and 26th of November We are looking forward to welcoming you…