Erweiterung schafft neue Arbeitsplätze

Erweiterung schafft neue Arbeitsplätze 1024 698 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Die Erweiterung unseres Firmengeländes schreitet gut voran. Insgesamt wird unser Standort um 1.600 m² erweitert: ein neuer Wareneingang sowie Lager- und Büroflächen. Diese zusätzliche Fläche bietet genügend Platz, um weitere Arbeitsplätze zu schaffen. Also nutze die Chance und bewirb Dich unter bewerbung@linsinger.com

Look who is there

Look who is there 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Remember the rail milling train we sent off for some tests? One of our followers spotted it on the Austrian railway network.  We are very happy with the results and the machine will be shipped off to our client soon.

School reports with distinction

School reports with distinction 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Congratulations to our apprentices who achieved school reports with distinction. It’s safe to say that our future is in good hands.

Visit of the Malaysian Minister of Economy

Visit of the Malaysian Minister of Economy 1024 698 Linsinger Maschinenbau

As one of the Austrian companies exporting successfully to Malaysia, our CEO Günter Holleis was part of the discussions during the visit of the Malaysian Minister of Economy Azim Ali at the Federal Ministery for Digiatl and Economic Affairs in Vienna. What a pleasure sharing our great experiences of our cooperation with Malaysia.

Visit of high-ranking delegation

Visit of high-ranking delegation 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

On the occasion of the conference of the Ministers of Economy from our nine provinces, hosted by the Upper Austrian Minister Markus Achleitner and headed by the Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs Margarete Schramböck, we welcomed this high-ranking delegation on our premises. LINSINGER is very proud to have been chosen as one of…

Life Radio Interview

Life Radio Interview 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Unsere Lehrlinge sind nicht nur technisch sehr begabt, sondern auch äußerst geschickt im Umgang mit einem Mikrofon. Florian gibt beim Life Radio Interview Einblicke in seinen Lehrlingsalltag bei Linsinger.

Off to some tests

Off to some tests 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

To fulfil our high standards, we are sending our rail milling train for some last tests before it gets shipped to our client. Ideally, we want our machine to exceed the expectations of our customer.

It’s a wrap!

It’s a wrap! 1024 698 Linsinger Maschinenbau

The most versatile rail milling train in the world, the LINSINGER SF02T-FS, is on its way to Asia.  It’s always a spectacle witnessing our trains being loaded for transport, they’re not exactly lightweights. Just one of these trains weighs-in at a staggering 67 tons. 

Linsinger website available in French

Linsinger website available in French 550 375 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Bonjour à tous. 👋 Our website is now available in French. 

LATAM Metro Virtual Forum

LATAM Metro Virtual Forum 1024 698 Linsinger Maschinenbau

Join us for the LATAM Metro Virtual Forum RDN.  🙌 Our International Sales Manager Jorge Von Fedak will introduce you to the latest technology of Linsinger HighPerformance Rail Head Re-Profiling on 8th and 9th of June at 9.20 am. Colombia Time (GMT-5). We are looking forward to welcoming you at our presentation. 🤓🙃