DEUTSCH!!! FALCON - 4-Side Plate Edge Milling Machine

LINSINGER’s latest plate edge milling machine generation PFM FALCON enables edge preparation on all 4 sides
(2 longitudinal + 2 cross sides) of a plate in one clamping. Our proven “LINSINGER Thick Chip Milling Technology” ensures
high feed and output rates at lowest possible tooling cost.
Due to the gantry milling concept and the magnetic clamping units, highest flexibility is given and even complex
plate shapes such as trapezoidal and curved plates (e.g. for the vessel and wind tower industry) can be processed.
For non-magnetic and complex materials such as Stainless Steel, High alloyed steels, Duplex and Super-Duplex
grades, special clamping tables are available. Optional minimum quantity lubricant spray nozzles ensure economic
machining even of these materials.
The machine covers easily plates with wall thicknesses from 10mm up to 200mm (0,4 – 8”). The high-power reserves of the
machine ensure maximum torque of 6000 Nm and high feed rates even when heavy plates are milled. Various profile types
(N/V/X/Y/J) can be realized. The proven copying function of the milling unit ensures a constant web-flow along the plate edge,
even on heavily bent plates of high thickness.


High feed rates and low tool cost with “Linsinger Thick Chip Milling Technology”

All 4 sides of a plate are machined in one clamping

Automatic machine setup for each plate dimension

Different profiles on each edge possible

Precise and fast welded seam preparation

Various kinds of profiles available (V/X/Y/J…)

Automatic tool changer function available

Milling of various plate geometries (trapezodial, curved) possible

technical data

Cycle time
20 min

12,000 x 3,000 mm
(40ft x 10ft)
t = 50 mm (2″)

Carbon Steel


Milling of Stainless Steel

Alternative clamping solutions for Stainless Steel

Surface milling function

Milling of curved & trapezodial plates

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