• ISO14001 certificate

    LINSINGER received the environmental management standard EN ISO 14001:2015 certificate by TÜV AUSTRIA CERT GmbH.

  • Additional authorized signatories

    New management: Mr. Günter Holleis, CEO as well as  Mr. Walter Kastinger and Mr. Michael Steinkogler, as well as the two technical managers Jürgen Binder and Dr. Stefan Dierneder who also became authorized signatories.

  • Opening of branch in China

    In order to be closer to our clients, our service branch Linsinger China Trading and Service Co., Ltd. was opened in Taicang/China.

  • Production of worldwide biggest carbide sawing machine

    The KSS 3000 sawing machine is able to cut billets with diameter of up to 1,060 mm.

  • Opening of additional office space with over 2,500 m²

  • World’s First H2 powered rail milling train

    Linsinger developed the world’s first hydrogen powered rail milling train, which was unveiled at a press conference. Another milestone towards zero emission mobility. The vision of CEO Günter Holleis: “By 2030, hydrogen should be the rule in the mobility sector and not the exception.”

  • Production of biggest Plate Edge Milling Machine for shipyards

    This machine is able to work on steel plates of up to 24 x 36 m.

  • Company anniversary

    Linsinger celebrates its 80th anniversary on the premises of Linsinger in Steyrermühl, Upper Austria.

  • Plant extension of ambitous 5000 sqm

  • Opening of a new Assembly hall

  • Extension of factory premises

    New building: Office and training tower, storage and assembly hall development and production of gears for the own machines (Insourcing).

  • New management

    Mr. Günter Holleis is appointed as the new Company Manager.

  • World Premiere of rail milling train MG11 at Innotrans Berlin

  • Development of carbide retipping robot WW800

  • Large order for forging mills in Russia

  • Rail welding plant in Belarus

    Completion of a rail welding plant and a facility for reconditioning and reprofiling used rails in Orsha, Belarus.

  • Turnkey solution: Rail repair and welding plant for new and used rails in Orscha/Russia

  • Change of company structure

    The Weingärtner Group of companies is transformed into the MATE holding company which becomes part of the parent holding AFW.

  • Rail Milling Train SF02T-FS

    Delivery of the first electrically isolated milling train to Japan.

  • Sale of the world’s largest Carbide Tip Circular Sawing Machine to Korea

    The combination of LINCUT® and DPD® gearbox technology allows the cut of steel billets up to 800mm diameter with uniquely low production costs and unsurpassed output capacity.

  • DPD® (Double Power Drive) Gearbox

    Launch of the twin drive DPD® gearbox with added torque, smaller flange footprint and counteractive drive technology for longer tool life.

  • Tube Cut-Off Machine Multi-Cut MC3

    Delivery of the first stationary Multi-Cut MC3 for faster tube & profile cut-off.

  • Successful application of the patented LINCUT® Disc Miller

    Launch of the LINCUT® Disc Miller after successful completion of over a decade of R&D and priduction trials. LINCUT® combines significantly higher billet cutting performance with greatly reduced operating costs, whereby the carbide tips can be renewed simply with a screwdriver.

  • Plate Edge Milling Machine for Tanks & Wind Towers

    Milling machine for the preparation of welding edges on all 4 sides of tapered or trapezoid plates.

  • ISO 9001 Certification

    Annual audits covering sales, R&D, manufacturing & installation of sawing machines, milling machines, rail processing machines, tooling and customer services

  • Change of management

    Mr. Walter Neubauer left the business and Mr. Johann Knoll stays on as the sole manager.

  • Rail Road Truck SF01T-F

    Shipment of first rail road truck and rail milling vehicle SF01T-F for metros and light rail traffic.

  • Delivery of first Pipe bevelling machine

  • Rail Processing Train SF03-FFS

    Dispatch of first Rail Processing Train SF03-FFS. Linsinger´s new business division.

  • Flying Tube Cut-Off Machine – Multi-Cut MC4

    As a major improvement over single large saw blades, LINSINGER develops the Multi-Cut tube cut-off machine using 4 small saw blades mounted on a rotating carousel for higher tube mill production rates.

  • ROLL-OUT of Rail Milling Train SF03-FFS Plus

    First LINSINGER-rail milling train in the completely new PLUS-style delivered.

  • Technology for autonomous production

    Linsinger acquires the technology for autonomous production of special rail vehicles from company Integral Verkehrstechnik (former Jenbacher Motorenwerk). Start of erection of an assembly hall with 1.300 m², where the new rail reprofiling trains are be built..

  • Tool technology

    Introduction of new product line “Tool technology”. Linsinger manufactures and sells the tools for existing customers. With the tool service, Linsinger offers the perfect after sales service and maintenance of the machine’s life cycle.

  • Change of ownership

    Mr. Friedrich Weingärtner and Mr. Andreas Weingärtner form the new Executive Board of Linsinger.

  • Stationary rail head milling and grinding machines

    Development and production of stationary rail head milling and grinding machines; a further step towards the mobile rail reprofiling train

  • 60 years LINSINGER

    60 years company anniversary, dispatch of first Rail processing vehicles for road and track (Rail Road Truck SF01F-Truck)

  • New management

    Mr. Walter Neubauer and Mr. Johann Knoll are the newly appointed Company Managers.

  • Partial aquisition of Wagner, sawing machines company

    Partial take over of the worldwide largest manufacturer of Circular sawing machines company Wagner, Reutlingen (Germany)

  • New ownership

    Linsinger is bought by the company Weingärtner Maschinenbau GmbH, which is headed by Mr. Friedrich Weingärtner sen. until 2000.

  • New Product Line – Sawing Technology

    Introduction of the new product line “Sawing Technology”, in the broadest sense similar to the machining process of milling. Niche products that, based on their dimension, speed and complexity, cannot be mass produced.

  • Turbo Milling

    Application of the patent for “Turbo Milling”; with this principle new fields for application of the milling machines were created. So from now it is possible to remove very low material thickness (less than tenth mm) on strip edges with excellent milled surface.

  • High Speed Milling (SHF)

    Application of the patent for “High Speed Milling (SHF)”; with this patent Linsinger gained the global leading position for strip edge milling machines. With this system milling speeds up to 40 m/min are possible.

  • Erection of the machine and assembly hall West

  • Foundation of company Linsinger in Steyrermühl, Upper Austria

    The highly skilled technician Dr. Ernst Linsinger developed the so-called thread whirling and/or whirling units for manufacturing of spiral profiles in rotors. Dr. Linsinger passed away in 1980.

  • First company acquisition by Dr. Linsinger

    Mr. Linsinger began his entrepreneurial activities in 1939 by acquiring the company HW. Adler Cie in Vienna and thus laid the foundation for today’s company. The company was involved in the production of small electrical engines, switchgears and other small parts. In the following years, the production was successfully expanded by Mr. Linsinger.