Carbide tip changer

Fully automated carbide tip changer WW800

Linsinger´s latest development – invented to load Linsinger cutterheads with straight carbide tips and carbide tips with radius

Milling head time duration
Diameter: 600 mm
Traces: 10
Carbide tips per trace: 22 = 220 carbide tips

• Milling head turning all carbide tips (90°): 60 Min.
• Milling head disposing used carbide tips and fitting with new tips: 90 Min.
• Removal of all screws and carbide tips: 48 Min.
• Assembly of the cutter head with new tips and screws: 50 Min.


Fully automatic operation

3 main modes

Constant torque tightening with monitoring

Automatic measurement of cutterhead with logging

Saving of human resources

Human error exclusion for increased system security

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