LINSINGER offers added value for increased productivity in your production process.

LINSINGER sawing lines for cutting solid material, tubes and profiles made from steel or non-ferrous metals in single and layer cut are produced individually according to customer requirements and deployed worldwide.

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Technical data

efficient. accurate. productive.


Designed for 3-shift operation

Smooth cut surfaces without cracks or burrs

Keine Aufhärtung oder Gefügeveränderung der Schnittfläche durch Kalttrennverfahren

No hardening or structural changes to the cutting surfaces through the cold cutting process

Sawing process does not generate emissions through dry cutting

Low tool costs


Longitudinal seam tube mills ERW

cold-drawn tubes

seamlesss tube mills

forge mills

railway wheel production

rail production

rail maintenance

automotive industry

non-ferrous smelters


  • Plate Milling Machine PFM
  • Pipe Bevelling Machine RFM
  • Special Milling Equipment For Tube Industry
  • Special Milling Equipment For Shipyards
  • Circular Saw KSA CU
  • Circular Saw KSA L
  • Vertical Circular SAW KSA

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